Green Eye | About our company
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About our company

Green Eye LLC is a golf marketing company based in Charleston, SC. Through photography, videography, and a custom app for your course, our team will help present your course as the premium golf destination in your area. We work directly with club management to help draw new golfers in and frequent golfers back to play more often. We specialize in having dynamic ideas that involve using high-quality technology to increase your golf course’s revenue and playability.



Our creative services include filming beautiful flyover videos for each of your holes, creating a custom app for your course, filming promotional videos that show the best of your golf course and club, and shooting professional photos of locations that you want to highlight. Our team of videographers will fly a drone over your clubhouse or golf course to showcase the best of your property in stunning 4K resolution. You can even enhance these videos with professional voiceovers. For golfers to easily access these videos, we will also create a custom app for your course that they can download and use while they’re playing. In addition to viewing spectacular videos of the course they are going to be playing, they will also be able to track their scores, view any of the holes on your course, and even gauge the distance to the hole in real time for a more enjoyable game.


With all of this technology, your members and visiting golf-lovers alike will be excited and intrigued to try playing golf in this new light. Now, instead of carrying around a scorecard and pencil, they can simply keep track of their score on the custom app designed for your golf course. They can prepare themselves for the game by watching high-quality videos of each of the 18 holes on your course, and plan their game-winning strategy long before they step on the green.